How the Run was Born

The Annual Corporal Christopher M. Shea Memorial 5k was started by Chris' youngest brother, Timothy, with the help of Guy and Laurie Gordon and the Bears Running Club in the summer of 2005, the year after Chris' untimely death.

Tim really wanted to organize some type of charity event that would not only keep Chris' memory alive, but give back to the local community in a way that would make Chris proud. When Guy Gordon suggested a charity running event, Tim thought this was the perfect idea. Chris was a Cross Country runner in high school and for a short stint at Wagner College, ran his heart out in Marine Corp training and the Police Academy, and continued to keep himself in the best shape he could by running locally, and in charity events such as when he carried the torch each year to kickoff the Special Olympics in Lewes DE.

Each year, the Annual Corporal Chistopher M. Shea Memorial 5k attracts runners from across the tri-state area to compete. Awards are given to the top 3 male and female finishers overall and in 7 different age groups: 13 and under, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over.


The Battle of the Badges

The "Battle of the Badges" is a unique race challenge that allows dedicated servicemen and women to demonstrate their commitment to their jobs and their community. The Battle of the Badges challenges the various civil service agencies to rally as many of their strongest, fastest, most committed and, most importantly, most competitive members to help remember a brother, serve a community and show everyone just how great they really are.

Agencies register as a team and compete against other teams during the race. Each teams results are scored using standard scoring methods for running events (top 5 times from each team) and the agency who achieves the best overall performance at the race will have their name engraved on the coveted Battle of the Badges plaque to be displayed at its headquarters until the following year when the Battle continues.


Battle of the Badges Winners



DE State Police Troop 5 

Andrew Shea 27:26


Sparta Police Dept. 

Arlene Lippencott 27:26

Tim Lynott 31:09

John Lamon 37:49

Paulette Willey 41:17

Maribeth Hills


NJ State Police 

Field Ops

Rob Rohel 18:53

Justin DeLorenzo 21:57

Andrew Stephanic 23:13



NJ State Police North


Rob Rohel 18:56

Brian Santos 19:36

Tommy Ferrigno 19:45

Brian Santos 25:55  


 NJ State Police Troop B  

Washington Station

Brian Santos 19:32

Mark Moyna 20:01

Justin DeLorenzo 22:10

David Ortiz 25:47


NJ State Police Troop B

Hope Station

Mark Moyna 19:21

Justin DeLorenzo 20:59

Andrew Stephanic 21:00

James Agens 23:07



 NJ State Police Troop B  

Hope Station

Mark Moyna 20:00

James Agens 22:28



 NJ State Police Troop B  


Rob Rohel 17:53

Tommy Ferrigno 20:10

Joe Trogani 21:56


 NJ State Police Troop B  

Hope Station

Mark Moyna 21:29

Justin DeLorenzo 21:03



NJ State Police Troop B  


Rob Rohel 18:26

Tommy Ferrigno 19:37 



 NJ State Police Troop D  

Tommy Ferrigno 19:55.1


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